2012 USA Visit

The Author Beside Second Green, Medinah Country ClubThe Author with Sean Jacklin, Tony Jacklin's sonThe author pictured (top) beside the second green at the Medinah Country Club during the 2012 Ryder Cup matches and (below) next to Tony Jacklin’s youngest son Sean when he visited The Concession Golf Club in Florida which displays a Ryder Cup theme throughout.

Olympic Torchbearer, Peter Fry

The Author, Olympic Torchbearer
The photograph shows author Peter Fry during his proud moments whilst carrying the 2012 Olympic Torch close to his home town of Weymouth on Dorset’s famous Jurassic Coast.

Olympic Torchbearer!

Olympic Torchbearer, Peter Fry from Weymouth, Dorset

Olympic Torchbearer, Peter Fry from Weymouth, Dorset

Keen sportsman Peter Fry is pleased to announce the news that he has been honoured to be chosen as a 2012 Olympic Torchbearer in addition to his duties as an Olympic Games Maker.

American Awareness

The Bulletin - Golf Collectors SocietyTo date few Americans know of my Samuel Ryder biography. Accordingly I am getting the message across by advertising in the specialist magazine entitled The Bulletin which is delivered to 1200 of the most enthusiastic golf historians in America.




Ben Crenshaw Joins The Readership

Ben Crenshaw, American Ryder Cup Captain in 1999

Ben Crenshaw with the Samuel Ryder Biography

Golfers recognise Ben Crenshaw as the champion golfer who won the US Masters in 1984 and 1995 and was the successful American Ryder Cup Captain in 1999. Less well known is his great enthusiasm for the history of golf. Consequently he was delighted to receive a copy of Peter Fry’s biography of Samuel Ryder which is acknowledged in the accompanying photograph.




The Launch of the Samuel Ryder Foundation

Mary Moore

Mary Moore - The Samuel Ryder Foundation

The photograph shows Samuel Ryder’s grand-daughter, Mary Moore, alongside the fireplace in Samuel Ryder’s former office in St Albans. the occasion was the launch of a new charity called the Samuel Ryder Foundation set up to provide worthwhile legacies in Samuel Ryder’s name. The aims of the charity can be accessed at www.sryder.com

The Author Meets Bernard Gallacher

Peter Fry Meets Bernard Gallacher

Peter Fry Meets Bernard Gallacher

The photograph features Peter Fry and Bernard Gallacher at Wentworth Golf Club with a copy of the Samuel Ryder biography. Former Ryder Cup captain Bernard Gallacher generously agreed to write the foreword to the book.

Gift of Samuel Ryder Picture

Samuel Ryder Mayor

Samuel Ryder in Mayoral Robes

Peter Fry originally became interested in Ryder Cup history when he met Samuel Ryder’s eldest daughter Marjorie some years ago whilst researching the history of his home golf club at Came Down in Dorset. She gave Peter this picture of her father in mayoral robes in happy memory of the family’s close links with Came Down Golf Club. The picture now hangs in the club lounge.

Samuel Ryder biography available at Celtic Manor

Celtic Manor - 2010 Ryder Cup Venue

Celtic Manor - 2010 Ryder Cup Venue

I am pleased to report that copies of my Samuel Ryder biography are now available at the Celtic Manor Hotel – venue for the 2010 Ryder Cup matches taking place in the autumn of 2010.

The Author Meets Peter Alliss

The Author With Peter Alliss

The Author With Peter Alliss

Peter Alliss wrote an excellent article in the May/April 2009 edition of Golf International magazine supporting the author’s evidence of how the idea for the Ryder Cup matches was conceived. Publications from both the Ryder family and newspapers of the 1920s clearly show that Ryder got his idea for starting the Ryder Cup matches when he played his golf with the Whitcombe brothers whilst on holiday at Came Down Golf Club in Dorset. The photograph shows the author with Peter Alliss during the Alliss/Merlo charity tournament staged at Ferndown Golf Club in Dorset.

Read the Peter Alliss article about my book here